Achieve the success you deserve

Eight key ways KPI Karta helps you achieve the success you deserve

  1. Drag and drop, point and click. Simple. Because KPI Karta makes the process of creating performance indicators so easy and precise, they are far more useful.
  2. KPI Karta is a unique, one-stop solution, allowing you to both identify and track all business-performance metrics.
  3. KPI Karta helps you create not just high-level metrics, but also ones that show you how you got there so you can make well-informed decisions moving forward.
  4. Seeing all organizational metrics at a glance and in real time allows you to quickly identify and address problem areas.
  5. Because goals are aligned with CSF (Critical Success Factors) and the right metrics, more work gets done more quickly.
  6. KPI Karta empowers your employees because they can see—again, in real time—that what they do is critical to the organization’s overall success.
  7. Audit trails provide historical accounts of all performance and results.
  8. Automated data import saves time and increases accuracy.