Why KPI Karta?

Visualize important metrics at a glance, and quickly identify areas where more help is needed

The Problem

Most businesses already track activities and various marketing activities such as sales quotas or customer-acquisition targets. But those values are just high-level snapshots that offer no insights to explain why you got those results. Further, the indicators are often scattered throughout the organization and they are rarely connected to the organization’s overall objectives. 

KPI Karta changes all that

Not only does it help identify key activities that should be measured at every level, it also visually delivers information—all in one place—that helps you improve and achieve even greater success. KPI Karta tells you both how you are doing and why, so you can make changes RIGHT NOW.

And all indicators are mapped out in one easy-to-understand, cloud-based graphic illustration that shows 

  • who is responsible for each activity; 
  • how much has been accomplished;
  • how all indicators relate to each other; and
  • how they are connected to your organizational goals, a critical element as you monitor your progress. 

Visual map shows how activities are progressing

KPI Karta provides an elegant visual that shows how activities are progressing towards defined targets - without requiring drill-down or navigating away from the main view. In this example, the values represent the percent completion of each activity versus your target. The activities of A are aggregated to total the values for B. The values for C aggregate up to D and those two totals add up to E.       



Click any “node” to drill down for more detail

Clicking on a “node” on the Karta map reveals the node’s title, type, category, start date, due date, % progress vs. target and the person responsible for the action.


Choose who you share with

Security settings allow each Karta “owner” to specify which groups can view, modify, create, delete or author the Karta.

KPI Karta benefits

  • Used by Fortune 500’s – proven methodology used to identify actionable KPIs and to map out the activities and actions necessary for project success
  • Creates Hierarchical Tree – maps out how activities and processes align with corporate goals and how they fit into the organization
  • Drill-down – immediately see what is causing performance issues from the visual interface or click any value for additional details
  • Improves company acceptance and buy in – every person understands how KPIs are derived and can see their own contribution 

Achieve the success you deserve

Eight key ways KPI Karta helps you achieve the success you deserve

  1. Drag and drop, point and click. Simple. Because KPI Karta makes the process of creating performance indicators so easy and precise, they are far more useful.
  2. KPI Karta is a unique, one-stop solution, allowing you to both identify and track all business-performance metrics.
  3. KPI Karta helps you create not just high-level metrics, but also ones that show you how you got there so you can make well-informed decisions moving forward.
  4. Seeing all organizational metrics at a glance and in real time allows you to quickly identify and address problem areas.
  5. Because goals are aligned with CSF (Critical Success Factors) and the right metrics, more work gets done more quickly.
  6. KPI Karta empowers your employees because they can see—again, in real time—that what they do is critical to the organization’s overall success.
  7. Audit trails provide historical accounts of all performance and results.
  8. Automated data import saves time and increases accuracy.