Manage Projects & Processes for Success

KPI Karta helps you create dynamic maps detailing the organization and progress of your projects and processes - all aspects are displayed in a single, shared view. Team members know precisely how things are progressing versus targets and how their contribution is supporting the overall effort.  

  1. hierarchical view of the work effort including all tasks and statuses, and people related to the project

  2. complete information and strategy layer that shares only relevant information with staff across all corporate levels

  3. collaboration layer that allows brainstorming, status updates, consensus building and full team interaction

  4. robust security layer that manages all resources for appropriate team member

  5. ability to add KPI's to specific tasks to provide precise input to project performance.  

KPI Karta - a total management solution

KPI Karta Projects & Processes

For example, a company that wishes to improve its processes creates a map (a Karta) of how activities are related and enters key metrics and targets to be obtained. The development of the strategic and operational plans is assessed and tracked providing a visual indication of completion and areas requiring attention. For instance, the red line in this example tells you that “Development of strategic plan” requires immediate attention as it is at only 42% of target.

Another example could visualize a complete supply chain in real time, with the ability to drill in to each item for more information or a status update. This provides great insight and drives decision making

 visualize the progress of your projects and processes