The Ultimate System to Define, Map and Monitor KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

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TORONTO, July 27, 2015 -- KPI Karta Inc. has launched today a breakthrough system to help organizations make better decisions by identifying and visually managing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). KPI Karta is a cloud based service that facilitates the identification and creation of KPIs - it builds a hierarchical map to visually monitor key activities in a way that is clear, easy to understand and actionable. Implementing KPI Karta optimizes organizational success by aligning KPIs with corporate goals and objectives and by providing a rigorous environment for collaboration, verification and adherence to the right metrics.



“We've been providing KPI workshops and training sessions for over a decade through our parent company, Unilytics Corporation,” explained Peder Enhorning, KPI Karta’s President and CEO. “One of the areas where we see clients struggle the most is in correctly defining KPIs. We have helped hundreds of companies create and track actionable key performance metrics using our proprietary KPI methodology. We developed KPI Karta in response to overwhelming demand from our clients for an online tool that would help them build actionable KPIs and allow them to visualize how activities and processes align with business goals.”

Not only does KPI Karta help identify key activities that should be measured at every level, it also visually delivers information—all in one place—that helps companies to improve and achieve even greater success.

 “I have looked at many "KPI systems" and thus far yours is the only one that I would deem a true KPI system – your roadmap\karta\node\visual approach is unique (and refreshing) in the market.”

KPI Karta is a system that allows team members to easily coordinate their efforts, share established metrics with people throughout the organization and readily compare targeted values with actual results. Furthermore, the KPI Karta system improves company acceptance and buy in – every person understands how KPIs are derived and can see their own contribution in one easy-to-understand, cloud-based graphic illustration.

Peder Enhorning envisions enormous potential for KPI Karta: “It’s difficult to grasp the capability of this system without trying and seeing it in action. It’s much more than a great tool to build, measure, and monitor KPIs – there is no comparable product on the market today”.