KPI Karta “Mind Mapping” for Every Aspect of Your Business - KPIs, Projects, Collaboration…

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KPI Karta “mind map” – an easy-to-understand, cloud-based and interactive graphic illustration - can be applied to any business process where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance performance.

This colour-coded “mind map” allows you to see, at a glance, where you are hitting your targets and, far more importantly, where you are not, allowing you to take immediate action.




KPI Karta “mind map” - a one stop solution – use it across your organization for:

  • KPIs and Metrics  – define, map and visually monitor key activities and how they relate to overall goals in a way that is clear and easy to understand and actionable
  • Brainstorming/idea  generation - start with a central idea from which subsequent ideas are “generated” and expanded outwards
  • Project management – create, assign and track tasks; easily map complex work breakdown structures (WBS)
  • Collaboration - visualize map in an online environment to collaborate and enhance team work
  • Presentations - great way to present ideas and concepts to potential clients