NOT just another dashboard tool

KPI Karta is a unique, hosted, software tool that helps you succeed by creating a single - easy- to-understand MAP of where you are - where you’re going - and how you’re going to get there.

Map Your Success with KPI Karta

  1. Use the "right" KPIs - identify and monitor KPIs that have specific targets and are based on achieving a goal

  2. Visualize the big picture – see KPIs all in one place, how they relate to each other, and how they are connected to organizational goals - make better decisions, faster

  3. See progress instantly towards defined targets, so you can address problem areas immediately

  4. Import data automatically – improve accuracy, save time and money

  5. Share results with colleagues in seconds

  6. Motivate employees - assign each KPI to the person or group responsible for achieving it – they see their own progress and how their work contributes to higher level goals

  7. Improve company buy in – every person understands how KPIs are derived and sees that they are focused on a common goal

only KPI Karta will allow you to do all of this in one place