Our mission

We believe organizational excellence is achieved by identifying, monitoring and acting on information provided by highly specific and insightful performance indicators.

Our mission is to help organizations develop a cloud-based graphic illustration of its key performance metrics—an at-a-glance visual representation of the relationships between corporate goals and the activities that drive them—so they can achieve excellence and even greater success.

About KPI Karta

KPI Karta is a cloud-based tool that helps organizations—companies, governments and non-profit agencies of all sizes—do three things: 

  • develop metrics that provide insightful information that supports continuous improvement;
  •  visualize and map all metrics in one place; and 
  • monitor the metrics so they can be shared and acted upon.

KPI Karta is now available to businesses everywhere.

For many years, through our parent company, Unilytics Corporation, we have helped hundreds of companies develop and track actionable key performance metrics using KPI Karta methodology. And, for just as many years, those clients have been asking for an online tool that would allow them to coordinate their efforts with team members, share established metrics with people throughout the organization and easily compare those values with actual results.

Our leadership team

KPI Karta was founded by three industry veterans with a diverse and complementary skillset who came together to build a cloud-based tool to help companies better measure and manage performance.

Peder Enhorning
President and Chief Executive Officer, co-founder

With almost three decades in the software business, Peder brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to KPI Karta. His role is to manage the corporate direction and vision for product and service offerings, provide overall company direction and manage sales and marketing.

Peder founded Unilytics Corporation in 2001 to provide digital analytics, online marketing and business optimization products, and consulting services. He was actively involved in the creation and the development of the KPI Karta® methodology.

Peder also created RETAIN®, digital-analytics training that helps companies ensure they are getting full value from their digital analytics tools, including Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and Webtrends.

Jay Tanner,
Chief Technology Officer, co-founder

Jay is responsible for KPI Karta’s technical vision and leads all aspects of technology development, research and development, and the creation of KPI Karta’s intellectual property. An entrepreneur with over 25 years in the high-technology sector, Jay is an experienced developer of leading-edge software solutions that have been widely adopted in the telecommunications, travel, employment and public sectors.

Jay holds a patent for the Intelligent Booking Engine (travel) and currently has a patent pending relating to matching employment data within the WhoPlusYou system, an online career opportunity matching system. Previously, Jay was awarded a $1.2 million research grant from DND CRAD (Canada) and a system-innovation award related to the Hansard transcription system in Canada’s House of Commons.

Eric Tobias
Chief Product Officer, co-founder

As well as leading product design and professional-service organization, Eric develops and improves the stringent quality standards for KPI Karta services.

Prior to co-founding KPI Karta, Eric spent seven years with Unilytics where he was the primary force behind the creation of the KPI Karta methodology, refining its functionality by delivering workshops and other related services.

With over 20 years’ experience in the high-technology sector, Eric’s expertise is in business informatics, relational-database design and management, digital analytics and project and team management.